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Cooling Questions
What is an air handler?
Jeremy N. 

The major components enclosed in an air handler's cabinetry are the blower and motor, controls, heater compartment, and an evaporator coil. This is why it is also sometimes referred to as a fan coil. A standard air handler, like the single stage furnace, delivers the same amount of airflow no matter what the temperature inside. Trane's variable-speed air handler has Comfort-R Enhanced mode, like our variable-speed gas furnace, allowing the coil to cool down quickly and the blower to slowly ramp up and ramp down or to operate at 50 percent of the cooling air speed in the FAN ON position. This provides greater humidity control, quieter operation, maximum air circulation, temperature distribution, and air filtration for greater control of your home's indoor environment.
I am interested in a programmable thermostat for my home comfort system. What thermostat should I select?
Kathy M. 

We recommend Trane Programmable Comfort Controls such as the XL800 or XL600 series thermostats. Please contact your local independent Trane dealer for assistance with purchase and installation of energy-saving controls.
What is a heat pump?
Michael G. 

The heat pump is an air conditioner that reverses the process of removing heat from the inside of the house in summer to absorbing the heat from outside air and moving it inside in winter. It is effective by itself down to temperatures around 25 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. At that point, either a gas furnace or an air handler with supplemental electric heat will kick in and help heat your home. The Auxiliary Heat light on your thermostat will light. The heat pump will continue to operate along with the electric auxiliary heat. It will shut off when a gas furnace is energized. Emergency heat is a manual override option in the event your heat pump needs service.
“Sterling Mechanical came to my house a day earlier than scheduled and fixed my AC unit at a very reasonable price. They were also very good about answering my questions and letting me know about the tax refunds on energy efficien
W. Rankin, Harleysville PA
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