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Sterling Mechanical Services are proud to carry and install the most efficient heating systems possible. You can reduce your heating costs by 30% or more just by replacing old, inefficient equipment.

• Gas & Oil Furnaces
Our units are packed with high-quality components that provide total comfort your family can rely on.

• Heat Pumps & Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps
Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling comfort day in and day out.

• Hot Water Forced & Steam Heat
Our units provide maximum heat transfer efficiency and resist mineral buildup.
 • Boilers
Our units are designed to supply heat quickly to your heating zones and hot water needs.
• Radiant Floor Heating
In a radiant heat system, heat is transferred from hot water that is pumped through tubes installed in the floor. Radiant heat is more efficient than forced air or baseboard heating because no air is blown in the heating process.
• Programmable Thermostats
These automatic devices allow you to adjust your temperatures for various times of the day and night on different days of the week. By doing this, you can save money on your heating and cooling bills by lowering and raising the temperature in your home .




“The basement was cleaner after your guys were there than before they arrived. I’m going to break something in my bathroom just to have them come back”!
A. Murphy, Hatfield PA
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